I handle all types of photography and I am always eager to take up new and unique projects. If you have any customer photography requirements, whether formal or informal, I can deliver creative solutions. I have successfully completed different types of photography in the past including family, wedding, birthdays, maternity, newborns, pets, and corporate events, and fitness related photography.
My tryst with photography started when I began spending time in the dark room with my father. I have beautiful memories of watching my father soaking photography films in chemicals. It always fascinated me how images would magically appear on the films even though I never knew as a kid how he performed the magic.

I was just 16 when I came to Canada to pursue my education, leaving behind my family and friends. There was a newfound cause for photography in my life. I began taking photos of anything I found interesting and began sending the photos back home to share my experiences in a new country where I was living alone without any of my old friends or family members. It was a time when there were no smartphones and people weren’t sharing their photos on Instagram or Facebook.

This need for photography in my life helped me learn a lot. I was not only developing more experience, I was also using more and more sophisticated photography equipment. Besides, I was lucky that I was living in a place like Alberta, where there is always something wonderful to capture.

In my 10 years of life in Canada, I was always capturing something with my cameras. But it was all for my own interest and personal pursuits. It was a couple of years ago that a friend of mine who was impressed by my collection, asked me to be her wedding photographer. It seemed to me to be just another of my photography pursuits, and I gladly agreed to her request. But it immediately struck me that this was not my usual click and forget hobby. This was something serious and challenging.

I had some time at my hands, so I read and researched a lot about wedding photography. I did lots of practicing. I visited different places in the city to capture perfect photographs. It wasn’t actually too difficult for me to shoot the wedding, and when the photos were ready, I realized that I was meant to be a photographer. This was the journey how SA Photography came into existence.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact me at 403 973 3979 or send me an email at saphotography.yyc@gmail.com.

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